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Produce Boxes

Produce corrugated boxes are used in the agriculture industry to store and ship fresh food items such as fruits and vegetables. Through years in the packaging business, Zippy Boxes is positioned to meet all customers produce packaging needs in maintaining highest standards in the produce industry.

The importance of maintaining freshness and quality particularly for farmers, retailers and other sources of fine foods is company standard. 

Produce Boxes are possible in a wide variety of products ranging from nursery trays to berry packages to corrugated printed wreath boxes are all available. Boxes for Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and cherries which are either fresh or frozen, are all available in all kinds of styles, sizes or quantities in durable, hygienic and sturdy boxes to meet grower’s requirements.

Custom printing on Fruit cartons, vegetable cartons, is available to advertise the growers brand and maximize exposure. 

Why Use Produce Corrugated Boxes & their Benefits

  • Protect your products from crushing, tipping or collapsing with the secure option in produce packaging. Whether in storage, in transit or on the floor, these boxes gives customers a unique set of advantages in corrugated packaging.

  • Premium quality material is used at Zippy boxes while keeping in mind the specific needs of the growers and end users to ensure reliability during transportation and freshness during the shelf life.

  • To reach produce markets faster, fresher, safer and ready to sell.

  • Available in several different custom sizes to accommodate customers unique needs of each type of food.

  • Durable enough for packing and shipping of even the most delicate food products such as blueberries fruits and vegetables.

  • Shelf ready solution for virtually any type of fruit or vegetable product.

  • Two-piece carton is also available that satisfies the shelf ready system that can be custom printed to advertise the growers brand and maximize exposure. This range of cartons can be used to ranging stores, transport and display a variety of produce ranging from pun nets of strawberries, hydroponic tomatoes, stone fruits to cherry, peach, pears, and apples


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