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Garment Boxes

Garment corrugated boxes easy to ship, store clothing such as leather jackets, gowns, tuxedos, suits and are perfect for a short term move or long-term storage.

These types of boxes are made for the garment industry. At Zippy Boxes, we can make custom apparel garment cardboard boxes for shipping heavy garments, hats, clothing, etc. Custom printing is available to advertise the brand and maximize exposure. 

Why Use Garment Corrugated Boxes & their Benefits

  • Custom orders are possible in several different sizes to suit your distinctive needs. 

  • Made of robust corrugated cardboard to provide protection against damage from water or heavy objects placed on top of it.

  • Perfect for keeping an emergency blanket or jacket in the trunk during winter.

  • Used for keeping scarfs, shirts, blouses, pants, socks, leggings, and many such products.

  • Also perfect for storing pillows, blankets, comforters, off season clothing and during a move.

  • Clothes pack flat with or without hangers.

Your Greater Vancouver Most Competitive Custom Box Manufacturer

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