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Telescoping Boxes

Custom telescoping boxes are corrugated boxes that have a separate top and bottom that fits over each other seamlessly. This type of box provides the ideal unboxing experience for your customers.  

This Telescoping Box style is made from 2 pieces – one body blank and one lid blank. Both corrugated pieces are shipped flat and can be assembled using stitches, staples, or adhesive to adhere the corners. One inner and one outer carton are required to make a set. 

Flat telescoping is recommended for vast surrounded art or mirrors. Tall telescoping is recommended for floor golf clubs, rugs or lamps.  Custom printing is available to advertise the brand and maximize exposure. 

 Boxes are sold separately. Wall types are Single or Double.

 Why Use Custom Telescoping Boxes & their Benefits

  • Design fits items cozily to keep damage from moving.

  • Style is great for jewelry boxes, fruit and vegetables or gift boxes.

  • Toughness and protection offers strong development and solidness, guaranteeing that your items arrive at your customers securely.

  • Seemingly the most particular preferred advantages of utilizing a custom telescoping cardboard box over a standard stock box is branding and marketing.

  • Exploit this chance to promote, visibility, and potential for upcoming business with the customer.

  • The full-depth cover slides completely over the body of the carton providing additional strength around the sides making this style suitable for high stacking strength of fragile articles.


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