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Corrugated Trays

Corrugated Trays are perfect for transporting small, lightweight loads from pants to jars and cans.  In additions, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and cherries usually are packaged on clam shells for portioning and retailing purposes, and then put into trays for shipping. At Zippy Boxes, trays are made in die cut styles perfect for shipping and displaying of fruits. Printing is also possible on trays in various sizes and types, adapted to the product to be packed and the packaging machine.

Why Use Corrugated Trays & their Benefits

  • Ships flat, easy to assemble.

  • Easy-to-fold sides provide additional stability and security when moving plants or carrying cans, bottles and other miscellaneous items.

  • Widely used in nurseries and bottling pants.

  • Versatile for packaging, shipping or displaying small to medium size produce.

  • Robust enough to display fruits such as apples, peaches, tomatoes, etc.

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